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kfirah kfirah
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Thirty Days of Torchwood - day none
Okay I've decided to re-do the Thirty Days, after I've re-watched the show.  I've realized it's been awhile since I've watched it all in one go, full episodes at a time, all in order.  So I started tonight, watching "Everything Changes" and "Day One" so far.

The good thing is, I've made notes that may help my writing and if I can get a video program working I'll try to get some screen caps of things like the Torchwood Hub from when Gwen first comes in, etc.  I think I've been describing some things wrong, but I also know they changed the Hub a little from Series 1 to 2.  Funny thing is it's not always clear just where some corners are.  For example in "Day One" when Gwen mentions her boyfriend doing a similar type of route tracking that Jack is doing...that corner of the Hub...I'm not sure I could figure out where it is.  There are two console video games (with signs up on them for High Scores) behind Owen.  Is this off Jack's office?

The hard part is trying to concentrate on things like "what's in the Hub?" when I'm getting caught up in the story again.  It's like when I'm reading, and trying to analyze sentence structure and I realize I've barreled through two chapters because the story's good (and this is when I've read the book many many times already!).

So, better analysis of TW coming another time.  I'm already re-evaluating my opinion of Toshiko based on the first two episodes.  So that's good.