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getting braver
Well, I've started posting to ff.net!  I can't believe that in less than a year:

- I have completed over 50 stories (a couple of these were unbelievably difficult to finish and in the past I probably would have given up), so I'm freaking proud of finished stories!
- I have about 18 more works in progress
- I am brave enough to let someone edit my stories
- I am brave enough to actually WORK on my own stories, to fix them, to work at it until it feels done
- I am learning to read my stories objectively
- I have gone from just writing for me to sharing with one or two friends, to posting in friend-locked environments to somewhere more public like ff.net!!
- I have two stories that are specifically gift related and I feel confident to give them to the persons in question (one already done and one to be finished).
- I have written multi-chapter stories!
- I have written something over 12,000 words long!
- I have challenged myself with style and format (drabbles, etc)

Seriously I'm so freaking proud of myself.  My confidence has improved, my objectivity has improved.  I've always liked my stories, but I'm proud of them now.

I still need to work on dedication and sitting down and just DOING when I feel stuck or don't wanna.  I still need to be more organized with keeping track of drafts and finished stories.  I still need to work on vocabulary and reading other works more objectively.  I could probably very much benefit from taking a writing course or two...but now I actually FEEL like I can go to a class and not feel stupid.  I know I still need to write more original stuff, but I think I can get there too.

Anyway...just a post to say "Yaay Me!"